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Marketing to win sales

Now that you are certified, what’s next?

You’ve invested in getting certified. Now it’s time to reap your benefits. B2GSA’s proven marketing process can provide a substantial return on investment. As you bid on million dollar contracts, you can also go after smaller contracts to build a solid past performance track record. We offer targeted business development strategies to market effectively to the federal government. We are flexible. We can develop a strategic business development program, train your staff to execute it, and provide monthly support and consulting as needed.

Use your contract to generate sales

Marketing to the federal government can start at any time, before or after certification.

Selling to the government is hard if you are not experienced in it. It’s a different world, with its own rules, regulations, acronyms and sales processes. It can take years for most small to medium sized businesses to learn the ropes and land government contracts. To market effectively:

  • Target agencies that buy your products or services
  • Market to them consistently and relentlessly
  • Bid often and wisely. Concentrate you efforts on GSA bids
  • Be responsive. Timing is everything. A phone call or email needs immediate action.
    Responses to bid or proposal requests must meet the deadlines.


“Eighty percent (80%) of GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contractors are small businesses.”

Of all the GSA contracts awarded each year, 80% go to Small Businesses according to the 2015 U.S. General Services Administration Agency Final Report. Small Businesses designations vary by industry, typically by number of employees (500) or annual sales ranging from $7 million to more than $30 million.

$250,000 Contract Opportunities are set aside for small businesses!

Your certification places you on the radar screen of contracting officers seeking your products and services specially when the contract size falls below the $250,000 threshold and your company is considered small. At B2GSA we are experts in business to government marketing. With more than 20 years’ experience, B2GSA can fast track your sales process to generate contracts with federal agencies.

B2GSA Services include:


You’ve invested in getting certified. Now it’s time to reap your benefits. B2GSA will craft your business development plan so you can sell more and maximize the value of your certification. Contact us today!


Talk to a GSA contract expert for 30 minutes ($500 value).Find out how a GSA contract can help increase your sales and diversify your customer base.